The circular economy  is focused on sustainability. Within a circular economy, products and raw materials are designed and selected with concerns such as reusability, recyclability, repairability and reduction of waste as priorities.


For industries, such as oil and gas, there is a growing trend towards disposing of the traditional linear economy, and adopting a more circular approach, and it is vital that global resource and energy consumption becomes more sustainable than at present. 

Legasea offers operators a new way of doing business, and an alternative to disposal for unwanted equipment.


Often the equipment consigned for disposal is in perfectly good working condition but considered waste by a client, due to field decommissioning. 


With the assistance of Legasea’s technical expertise, these can be refurbished and reused.

When operators decommission subsea equipment, or simply deem it no longer required, whether it’s on the seabed or in storage, Legasea can offer a change for normal practices, removing all liabilities from the client through reuse rather than disposal. 

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