Subsea equipment needs dependable electrical power and signal cables, allowing for critical control and data communication. High voltage subsea cables are routinely used to delivered power to subsea trees, satellite oil and gas platforms, as well as subsea pumps. In addition, high voltage lines are also being used to transfer energy from offshore renewable energy sources.

Legasea stocks an extensive variety of dry mate and wet mate subsea electrical connectors, including 4, 7 and 12 ways for installation by ROV, stab plate or diver. These subsea connectors are provided in new, or refurbished, condition with helium and hyperbaric testing performed on manufactured assemblies. 

Electrical terminations are performed in-house, as per industry recognised soldering standard IPC/J-STD-001, with connectors then gel filled, oil filled. In addition, a range of moulded subsea connectors can be provided. This allows Legasea to offer new manufacture, or modification of assemblies such as Electical Flying Leads, Jumpers, Umbilicals and Electical Distribution Units.

Legasea’s specialist technicians conduct electrical testing services for all cable types. Umbilical electrical lines are tested for Continuity Resistance (CR) and insulation resistance (IR). High voltage very low frequency (HVVLF) tests also are conducted to confirm cable integrity. 

Our technicians can also provide TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) testing. This method is the most established and widely used measuring method for the determination of the total length of a cable, the location of low resistive cable faults, the location of cable interruptions, such as water ingress, or the location of joints along the cable.

These services require specialised testing equipment and are performed by highly-trained technicians. Where possible; any equipment, or sub-assemblies, requiring replacement following recertification and testing, is sourced through the circular economy and other controlled avenues.

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