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Legasea hold stock and source a wide range of Subsea Valves, including manually and ROV operated.  

Subsea valves are valves that are installed typically on the seabed or submerged below fixed or floating offshore platforms. They are used to control the flow of fluids, such as oil, gas, and water. Subsea valves can be operated manually or remotely, using a ROV (remotely operated vehicle).

Manually operated subsea valves are typically used in shallow waters where access is relatively easy. They are operated by divers or technicians who use tooling to turn the valve stem. Remotely operated subsea valves are used in deeper waters or in areas that are difficult to access. They are operated by a ROV operator who uses a control panel to move the valve stem.

Subsea valves are an essential part of the offshore oil and gas industry. They help to ensure the safe and efficient operation of offshore facilities.

Examples of Valves available at present include the following:

Crossover Isolation Valve
Gas Export Riser Header Valve
Gas Lift Branch Valve
Gas Lift Header Valve
Hot Stab Isolation Valve
Injection Branch Valve 
Injection Header Valve
Production Branch Valve
Production Header Valve
Sea Bed Gas Lift Branch Valve
Sea Bed Gas Lift Header Valve
Sea Bed Gas Lift Isolation Valve
Sea Bed Gas Lift Non-Return Valve / Nozzle Check
Subsea Safety Isolation Valve
Test Branch Valve

Test Header Valve

All of these Valves are new with OEM documentation. 

Specifications include:

Sizes: 2-1/16", 5-1/8", 7-1/16", 9", 16"

Pressure Ratings: 345 Bar / 414 Bar

Bodies: A694 F60

Valve Types: Gate TC Slab / Ball Side Entry

Cladding: Inconel 625 Fully Clad

End Connections: BW F65 + Inconel 625 cladded transition pieces

Operation: Hydraulic FSO Act. / Gear Actuation

ROV Class: 4

Please contact us for further information / specifications. 

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