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Legasea holds inventory of a wide range of Subsea Hydraulic Couplings / Couplers and the associated component parts. 

Parts from the original equipment manufacturers are sourced and, in instances where parts are obsolete, we design and manufacture fully compatible replacement components.

For existing equipment, a full refurbishment service is offered, including seal replacement and hydrostatic pressure testing.

Typical applications for these Hydraulic Coupling / Couplers include:

  • Flying Lead Plates

  • Control Module Plates

  • Auxiliary Intervention Plates

  • Diver Mateable Applications

  • Subsea Trees

  • BOP Fluid Lines

  • Tubing Hanger Penetrators

  • Drilling Control Systems

  • Chemical Injection Systems

  • Installation / Workover Control Systems

  • ROV Hot Stabs

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Stab Plates

Subsea Hydraulic Couplers, Couplings, Stab Plates - Refurbished and Tested by Legasea
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