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Introduction to Legasea

We are delighted to unveil our new video, expertly produced by OGV Energy

Legasea was founded in early 2019, with the intention of changing the subsea industry for the better. Our core business is to offer a reuse option which hasn't been available in the past, to help make the industry more environmentally sustainable.

We are focussed on obsolescence management to mitigate current and future instances of vital equipment becoming unavailable when production is at risk. To achieve this, we offer an alternative route for decommissioned production equipment or inventory which is no longer required.

Our services include repair, refurbishment, and new build; of subsea, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical equipment.

In addition, we also offer test and assembly services, using our internal and external test pits, and we also have the capability to handle assemblies of up to 75 tonnes.

Our services also include storage, preservation, and inventory management, as well as offering factory acceptance tests and site integration tests.

At Legasea, we feel that it shouldn't be all work and no play, so recreational facilities are available on site for our team to enjoy.

At Legasea, we want to offer you the opportunity to Recover, Refurbish, Recertify and Reuse.

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