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Legasea Supports Titan Torque with SJI Decommissioning Tool

Updated: May 16, 2022

Titan Torque Logo - SJI

As part of one of Titan’s recent development processes, they recently visited our workshop to use our extensive test and assembly facilities, including our 6 metre deep test pit and our overhead cranes which can take loads of up to 75 tonnes.

The scope included preparation of cemented casing, designed to be used to trial the SJI Tool. The Slot Jet Isolate (SJI™) is a patent pending multi-purpose mechanical perforating system designed to improve the overall efficiency of decommissioning projects. The SJI™ system optimises the conventional methods for the P&A of wells.

To improve efficiencies, reduce costs and exposure in the Plug and Abandonment (P&A) market the Slot Jet Isolate (SJI™) tool has been developed to overcome the existing challenges with the incumbent methods.

The SJI™ is designed to run in the well to the desired depth and initially slot the casing whilst jetting the slots at the same time cleaning up the outside of the casing. Once the casing has been suitably slotted and cleaned the tool can then fully wash the casing and place the isolation material both outside and inside the casing to create the complete P&A barrier.

Legasea’s Operation’s Director, Lewis Sim said, “We are thrilled to be assisting Titan Torque in their work. We are glad to have a great relationship with the team and hope to see them in our facility again soon”.

We are so pleased to assist Titan in their ongoing green initiatives. If you are interested in using our wide variety of facilities, email info@legasealtd.com to find out more.

To learn more about Titan’s decommissioning capabilities, please see https://titantorque.co.uk/decommissioning

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