As part of Legasea's refurbishment services, Ultrasonic Cleaning is conducted onsite.

Our ultrasonic cleaning services will remove contamination from a range of surfaces, including metals, composites, alloys, ceramics and plastics. 


Whilst this is primarily used for our refurbishment scopes for oil and gas equipment, it can be offered as a standalone service for a range of equipment.

Legasea's ultrasonic equipment can be utilised to clean equipment of all shapes and sizes, with the ability to access and clean internal profiles which cannot be reached using traditional cleaning techniques. 

Ultrasonic Cleaning uses high frequency sound waves which are transmitted via liquid. The waves are generated by passing electrical currents between transducers which are built into the base of the ultrasonic bath, creating sound energy which agitates the liquid, producing microscopic bubbles which are in constant motion and separating, whilst coming into contact with the component surface area. This is known as non-inertial cavitation, which is the process in which a bubble in a fluid is forced to oscillate in size or shape due to some form of energy input. This leads to the ultrasonic cleaning process working in a manner similar to scrubbing the surfaces, whilst being non-abrasive and reaching areas that could not typically be scrubbed. 

Ultrasonic cleaning is typically a lot more environmentally friendly than traditional cleaning methods using harsh solvents or acids. The ultrasonic waves, and bubbles produced, do the majority of the work, meaning that water based detergents can be used instead of harmful chemicals. 

Energy efficiency is also an advantage of ultrasonic cleaning. Alternative cleaning methods, such as those used in some industrial workshops and manufacturing plants; require large volumes of water, powerful pumps and diesel powered equipment. Ultrasonics use only limited amounts of electricity, and small volumes of water. 

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