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Legasea Subsea Electrical Connectors, New and Refurbished, Manufacturer of Electrical Flying Leads, Jumpers, Electical Distribution Units



Legasea promotes sustainability and reuse, its ethos is one of a Circular Economy, taking one company’s waste and restoring it to be of value elsewhere. Legasea provides a complete shore to store service, one that's responsive, cost effective and achieves maximum efficiency. Legasea services include onshore, offshore and onsite operations, remaining flexible in its approach to cater to our client’s requirements and minimising additional costs to their businesses.  


We offer an alternative route for recovered subsea production systems, and take liability and ownership for the equipment, making it safe, clean and disassembling it to its component parts. Reusable parts are then used to fulfil the demand for urgent spares when crucial production is at risk during routine preventative maintenance or, simply, when a failure is encountered subsea.

Legasea can help to make reuse a simple process, mirroring your existing internal process, helping to create one if not, and offering a credible option that is both easy and cost efficient. We are mitigating your risk, improving your green credentials and those of an industry that is perceived as being environmentally unfriendly, providing a new norm; one that aligns with your Corporate Social Responsibility, as well as government and industry strategy.


It has always been accepted that buying new from OEMs is expensive, and comes with long lead times, often affecting production and cost efficiencies. Following the recent oil and gas downturn, all of the supply chain is now looking to make cost savings and increase productivity, and globally there has been a shift to companies being more environmentally friendly, a demand that is being made on the oil Industry in particular.  


By taking ownership of ‘waste’ parts; refurbishing them, and holding spares, ready for use; Legasea can address both of these challenges, providing modern solutions to a modern oil industry. Now is the time to aid the shift towards efficiency, to shake off the old image of oil and gas as a dirty, expensive industry, and incorporate reuse into internal policies and procedures.  


Legasea are at the forefront of this transition; leading the change and proving to companies that reuse is the answer they need.

Circular Economy Flow Process - Subsea
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