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Legasea Hit 50th Subsea System Milestone

Legasea recently hit a major milestone, commencing the 50th decommissioned Subsea System project to be managed by the company since launching their innovative ‘Shore to Store’ service.

The service, supported by Scottish Enterprise’s Green Jobs Fund, has reduced the carbon footprint of subsea decommissioning operations, by taking subsea equipment that is no longer required, and finding routes to refurbish, recertify, remanufacture and reuse, keeping as many components as possible in use, with a projected annual carbon saving of 10,000 Tonnes CO2e.

Legasea Team – Echt Workshop

The projects completed to date are the culmination of several years of research and planning conducted by Legasea, involving engagement with a wide range of operators and service companies in the subsea sector, to develop a service which benefits the industry environmentally and economically.

Since establishing the company in 2018, Legasea have also consulted with a range of government and industry stakeholders, to ensure that the service is closely aligned with decommissioning and environmental policy, and the company has been awarded a SEPA Waste Management Licence, which permits the company to accept a range of material, defined as waste, from subsea decommissioning operations.

Commenting on the project completion, Lewis Sim, Legasea Managing Director, said “We are delighted to have reached this major milestone for the Shore-to-Store service, and the support received from across the sector has been phenomenal. Every member of our team has contributed towards these successful projects, and they deserve a big thank you, as do all of the supply chain companies that are helping to support us. With more than 6,400 Trees installed globally, at least a quarter of which are in the North Sea; we look forward to assisting with many more decommissioning scopes, with the recovered parts supporting late-life operations in a sustainable manner”.

Subsea Tree Cleaning / Marine Growth Removal

About Legasea

Legasea is an environmental service company, for the energy sector, with a focus on the Circular Economy for subsea production systems and controls. The company offers a wide range of electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical engineering services, and offers an alternative route for recovered subsea systems, or excess inventory.

To find out more about Legasea, please visit: https://www.legasealtd.com/

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